Friday, September 5, 2008

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

I did clean the carpet. Wow. Nasty. It amazes me every time how dirty that carpet gets. Grody, grossness. If we stay- no more carpet. All hard floor. Now I need to dust (with pledge, not the easy way with the swiffer) and clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Mop floors. Wash sheets. I'll do this over the course of the next 3 days. Then the house will be PERFECT while we are gone for all the lookie loos we better have.

I need some flyers. There are NO flyers in my info box. I hate that thing being empty. Especially when people are driving by and there is nothing for them to pick up.

I broke down and bought ant killer today. The 'organic' methods are just not working. With us leaving for a spell, I can't chance that our yard and home won't be completely over taken by the little monsters. I dumped about 3 cups of straight vinegar on the large fire ant hill. It killed the grass. I thought it had worked, until I started poking around it today and found where they moved. Same area just a little farther north where I didn't drown them in the vinegar. I've got all kinds of ugly names I am thinking right now, but I'll keep them to myself. I am so generous, I even put stuff on the neighbors 3 LARGE ant hills in their yard. They aren't there, so A. they don't know about them and B. I don't want the buggers coming to my yard. I'm nice like that.

Should I collect all the rabbit poos for the compost pile? Seriously. I can't even believe how much we have in our yard. It's insane.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Hair

Oh, I finally did it. I got the red highlights. I have been threatening for awhile now. I got the best haircut ever, too. No seriously- I never spend any money on my hair. So I spent a little this time. What, praytell, have I been holding back for? *shaking head, and rolling eyes*
I feel like a new woman. I told the awesome lady who did my hair (she's actually a neighbor that has her own salon) that I would be over in a day for her to straighten it out again. I didn't even know my hair could look so shiny and silky and smooth! WOW!

Anyways- T-Minus 5 days to Hawaya. Sweet.

I sent in an application to Designed to Sell. I love that show. I think we will be denied because my house is already perfect. Because why? Because I watch that show...ALL the time. Can't get enough. What I can do without is the OBVIOUS staging of people coming in and making comments on the very things they changed. For instance: "I love that shelf, I can see our Hummel collection on that." Um yeah... the shelf is staying?? Or comments about the curtains. WHO CARES?

I'll tell what else I like to watch. It's like a flipping trainwreck. I cannot remove myself from the radiation emitting electronic device. MillionDollarListing. It's insane. WHO would buy or sell a house with an agent that looks like he's still in high school? I don't get it. That Chad character kills me with that hair. I thought he was like 18, apparently he's 30. Huh?! Crazy drama. I'm always down for some drama, as long as it isn't happening to me!

Speaking of real estate, we have relisted. We'll see what happens. I think I'll clean the carpet tomorrow...maybe.... *shrug*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh dear- today's rant

I am going to just say it out loud. I fear for our country's future. I have major disdain for Obama and that guy has NO record of ever doing anything except for talking a good game. What everyone sees in him is way beyond me.

I think McCain is unstable and he picks a woman (that's not a problem) with 5 kids with a soap opera of her own. I don't even see how she would be able to focus on her duties as a VP of a country. And yes, I would question a man's abilities as well were he in the same scenario. HOWEVER, men and women ARE NOT the same and I hate to say it, but women tend be a little more involved in these things vs a man. I'm just saying.

What are our choices, again? Is this really the best we can do?

I was all for Ron Paul, but he dropped out. I guess I should go see what Bob Barr is all about. I'm still on the fence, but I already decided some time ago I wasn't voting for McCain.

Why can't we be more like Switzerland? Is that so wrong? Do we HAVE to meddle in EVERYTHING? We're like the nosy neighbor who has be involved in everybody's business. I just don't get it. I also detest the idea of socialist health care. People are so lazy that the government must do EVERYTHING for them. Where does the money come from people? I'm over the 'I am owed' attitude. Ov-er it. Talk to the Canadians. It's a great idea in theory- but it doesn't work. I've asked. You'll wish you never asked for it.

Looks like Gustav wasn't as bad as originally thought. That's good news. I though Hanna was going to boomerang back out to sea, but I guess like every woman, she changed her mind. :D Hopefully she won't be too angry when she gets closer to land. We don't need that much rain again. Seriously.

Want to see something funny. Go watch this skit from Mad TV.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just went and had a look at a blog I like to check every now and then. She posted this bit about wordle. Pretty cool. Here's my wordle for the 5 or so posts I've ever done.

Wounded Snail

I'm totally regretting that power class. I can barely move my legs. If someone just looks at them they hurt. :/

Why do I think that every time I go grocery shopping by some mysterious power, my son will behave like a normal human being? Why? I think I subconsciously enjoy the torture. I never give in, why does he think I will?

Now, onto today's rant:

Do I have some invisible sign that lights up to every Jehovah's Witness within a 400m distance? Seriously, do I???? I am ALWAYS being ACCOSTED by these folks trying to give me their whacked out literature. For instance- today- at the Wal-Mart- well, Murphy's- I'm getting some gas. A car with about 3 people pulls up RIGHT BESIDE ME and I'm like? They say good morning, I say hello. The driver puts it in park- mind you and I'm having a HECK of time getting the gas to actually pump into the car b/c I parked too close and kept popping like it was full- and then he gets out of his car and opens the back door and yanks out his Watchtower and tries to give to me. Yeah, um, no thanks I say. Let me continue my rant by telling you that I was NOT the only person getting gas at that time, but for WHATEVER reason, he only bothered me. I watched him. What was that all about? Do I look that 'lost' to people?

Okay, so the grits on the ants thing- that's not working. At all. I think I just made all the little monsters happy by bringing them dinner. I tried apple cider vinegar. I'm thinking no on that. I read some thread somewhere and they said they use yeast. Okay, I had ONE packet in the cabinet. Let's see if that blows the little buggers up.

I think I need to add some carbon stuff to the compost. It looks like a garbage dump full of flies and I'm fairly certain I'm feeding some sort of critter by now. We definitely have rabbits because I encounter their poo all over my yard plus I have seen them from time to time. I need to grab somebody's lawn bag when they mow. We don't bag it. Plus I was worried about chemicals... I need leaves. When will they fall?!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh busy day...

Hadn't done power class in FOREVER, so decided to go this am with the neighbor.
My legs were shaking 20 minutes into class. Not good. Got home and was completely exhausted. Seriously.

Took a look at the weather and saw that rain was threatened this weekend. I don't cut the grass. I hate to cut the grass. It was looking bad. Hubby wouldn't get to until next week. So what did I do? I cut the grass. I'll have my head checked and let you know what 'they' say.

So I went to the gym AND I cut a 1/2 acre worth of grass. With push mower. NOT self-propelled. We have hills. Now I'm SUPER exhausted.

Spoke with our agent today. She called. Guess the last looker liked it a lot. Hmmm. NEVER heard that before. Anywhos, since we're going to be gone half the month next month, we're going to stay on ONE MORE MONTH. THAT IS ALL. SERIOUSLY. I AM NOT KIDDING. I have a low tolerance for stress. I'm maxed out people.

I think I need to have diotomaceous earth on hand. That stuff seems to be it for everything. I am thinking the grits are not the answer for the ants. After all this rain, they keep popping up EVERYWHERE. It's making me crazy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

will breaker count

We use a bit unconventional method for handling tantrums. We call it the 'choke-hold' also known as the 'will breaker'. It's a bit of a wrestling move and you win. Every time. Because you do not let go until they break. Their will, that is.
It's a great workout for you arms. Trust.

So, will breaker count for today: 2

Want to know more on the will breaker? Read this book:
Changing your Child's Heart by Steve Sherbondy

Natural weed and ant killer

I read somewhere a few places that vinegar was great for killing the weeds. I was looking for a solution to the clover problem.
I like to hand-pick most of my weeds, but clover really likes to stay put. In the ground. Roots and stuff. So it can grow more clover. To make you insanely crazy.

I thought I would test this theory. IT WORKS!!!! It works really well! TOO WELL. It kills EVERYTHING it touches. So, be careful how you direct your spray. I use straight up plain ol' white vinegar. It works really, really well when you have copious amounts of sunshine drying the vinegar on targeted weeds.

This is tested, tried and true.

Now on to the ant killer. This is in an experimental stage. I read that you can use grits. They can't digest the stuff. Too bad for them. Hmmm. Wait! Now I read that's a big fat LIE. Apparently the little buggers really like the stuff. I'm still testing it. I'll let you know.

What's that?

God bless the small and inquisitive 4 yr-old minds. I feel ill-equipped to answer questions creatively. Being frank and honest usually ends up biting me in the butt.
Let's see how today's question of the day will end up regretfully answered.

I'm sitting on toilet taking care of business. (we are a pretty open family here, OBVIOUSLY)
Son: What's that blood??
Me: Ummmm...
Son: Is that from working out?
Me: No.
Son: WHAT'S it from them?
Me: Ummmm... that's a monthly deal. Blame it on Eve.
Son: Sooo, what's that?
Me: Just blame it on Eve. That's the best I can do on that one.
Son: Oh, ok.

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

We are officially waterlogged around here. Today is the first day in 4 days that I didn't open the blinds to see it raining. If we had a dug a large hole in the back yard we could have had our own pool by now. I think we are finally on the tail end of it! Hooray!

It was good for the church's newly planted landscaping, however...

Last night we had a FABULOUS dinner with our neighbors. Curried chicken and rice. Cucumber with a yogurt dill sauce. Delish. I ate waaay too much. Fell in love with one of the neighbor's next door neighbor's 20 cats. I told them I was taking him. I don't think they will even know he's missing. :D
Prepare for operation "black cat" at a future date.

The home is off the market in T-minus 3 days and counting. I have made my peace. I am not upset about not moving any longer. I am totally stoked about new projects for this house.

OH, yesterday my daughter and I sat in for lunch and learn at the extension office on vegetable gardening. It was perfect timing. I am so ready to grow my own food; you have NO idea. The organics are starting to get expensive!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Mizzly

The rain has subsided for now. Scratch that- it just started up again... Still supposed to see it for the next few days.

Went to the extension office to get information on vegetable gardening. My mouth drools at the thought of home grown vegetation. We do have a slight problem though... my thumb is BLACK. So, we'll see if the gardening ever becomes a success story.
I put an old dishwashing detergent bucket under the sink for organic matter for my non-existent compost pile. Gotta start somewhere!

Having curry tomorrow with the neighbors. Can't wait!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drizzly Mizzly

Dibble dibble dop

Dibble dibble dop dop

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

Fay has sent us a little weather. We needed the rain. It rains. It stops. The sun comes out for a bit. Repeat, two times and then just omit the sun part. It's nighttime now.

The Olympics are over. I didn't watch one second of the closing ceremonies. No interest. I loved the events, just wasn't interested in opening or closing ceremonies. Meh.

One week left to sell the house. Strike that, 5 days left. I think we are not moving. St. Joseph did not help us out here. Not that I was really relying on his help. I tried to leave it to God. I think He says we have to stay.

Thinking about running a half marathon in November. I've gotten super lazy. I need a goal. We'll see...

T minus 2 weeks and counting before Hawaii. Can't wait!