Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's that?

God bless the small and inquisitive 4 yr-old minds. I feel ill-equipped to answer questions creatively. Being frank and honest usually ends up biting me in the butt.
Let's see how today's question of the day will end up regretfully answered.

I'm sitting on toilet taking care of business. (we are a pretty open family here, OBVIOUSLY)
Son: What's that blood??
Me: Ummmm...
Son: Is that from working out?
Me: No.
Son: WHAT'S it from them?
Me: Ummmm... that's a monthly deal. Blame it on Eve.
Son: Sooo, what's that?
Me: Just blame it on Eve. That's the best I can do on that one.
Son: Oh, ok.

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