Friday, September 5, 2008

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

I did clean the carpet. Wow. Nasty. It amazes me every time how dirty that carpet gets. Grody, grossness. If we stay- no more carpet. All hard floor. Now I need to dust (with pledge, not the easy way with the swiffer) and clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Mop floors. Wash sheets. I'll do this over the course of the next 3 days. Then the house will be PERFECT while we are gone for all the lookie loos we better have.

I need some flyers. There are NO flyers in my info box. I hate that thing being empty. Especially when people are driving by and there is nothing for them to pick up.

I broke down and bought ant killer today. The 'organic' methods are just not working. With us leaving for a spell, I can't chance that our yard and home won't be completely over taken by the little monsters. I dumped about 3 cups of straight vinegar on the large fire ant hill. It killed the grass. I thought it had worked, until I started poking around it today and found where they moved. Same area just a little farther north where I didn't drown them in the vinegar. I've got all kinds of ugly names I am thinking right now, but I'll keep them to myself. I am so generous, I even put stuff on the neighbors 3 LARGE ant hills in their yard. They aren't there, so A. they don't know about them and B. I don't want the buggers coming to my yard. I'm nice like that.

Should I collect all the rabbit poos for the compost pile? Seriously. I can't even believe how much we have in our yard. It's insane.

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