Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wounded Snail

I'm totally regretting that power class. I can barely move my legs. If someone just looks at them they hurt. :/

Why do I think that every time I go grocery shopping by some mysterious power, my son will behave like a normal human being? Why? I think I subconsciously enjoy the torture. I never give in, why does he think I will?

Now, onto today's rant:

Do I have some invisible sign that lights up to every Jehovah's Witness within a 400m distance? Seriously, do I???? I am ALWAYS being ACCOSTED by these folks trying to give me their whacked out literature. For instance- today- at the Wal-Mart- well, Murphy's- I'm getting some gas. A car with about 3 people pulls up RIGHT BESIDE ME and I'm like? They say good morning, I say hello. The driver puts it in park- mind you and I'm having a HECK of time getting the gas to actually pump into the car b/c I parked too close and kept popping like it was full- and then he gets out of his car and opens the back door and yanks out his Watchtower and tries to give to me. Yeah, um, no thanks I say. Let me continue my rant by telling you that I was NOT the only person getting gas at that time, but for WHATEVER reason, he only bothered me. I watched him. What was that all about? Do I look that 'lost' to people?

Okay, so the grits on the ants thing- that's not working. At all. I think I just made all the little monsters happy by bringing them dinner. I tried apple cider vinegar. I'm thinking no on that. I read some thread somewhere and they said they use yeast. Okay, I had ONE packet in the cabinet. Let's see if that blows the little buggers up.

I think I need to add some carbon stuff to the compost. It looks like a garbage dump full of flies and I'm fairly certain I'm feeding some sort of critter by now. We definitely have rabbits because I encounter their poo all over my yard plus I have seen them from time to time. I need to grab somebody's lawn bag when they mow. We don't bag it. Plus I was worried about chemicals... I need leaves. When will they fall?!

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