Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Hair

Oh, I finally did it. I got the red highlights. I have been threatening for awhile now. I got the best haircut ever, too. No seriously- I never spend any money on my hair. So I spent a little this time. What, praytell, have I been holding back for? *shaking head, and rolling eyes*
I feel like a new woman. I told the awesome lady who did my hair (she's actually a neighbor that has her own salon) that I would be over in a day for her to straighten it out again. I didn't even know my hair could look so shiny and silky and smooth! WOW!

Anyways- T-Minus 5 days to Hawaya. Sweet.

I sent in an application to Designed to Sell. I love that show. I think we will be denied because my house is already perfect. Because why? Because I watch that show...ALL the time. Can't get enough. What I can do without is the OBVIOUS staging of people coming in and making comments on the very things they changed. For instance: "I love that shelf, I can see our Hummel collection on that." Um yeah... the shelf is staying?? Or comments about the curtains. WHO CARES?

I'll tell what else I like to watch. It's like a flipping trainwreck. I cannot remove myself from the radiation emitting electronic device. MillionDollarListing. It's insane. WHO would buy or sell a house with an agent that looks like he's still in high school? I don't get it. That Chad character kills me with that hair. I thought he was like 18, apparently he's 30. Huh?! Crazy drama. I'm always down for some drama, as long as it isn't happening to me!

Speaking of real estate, we have relisted. We'll see what happens. I think I'll clean the carpet tomorrow...maybe.... *shrug*

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