Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Natural weed and ant killer

I read somewhere a few places that vinegar was great for killing the weeds. I was looking for a solution to the clover problem.
I like to hand-pick most of my weeds, but clover really likes to stay put. In the ground. Roots and stuff. So it can grow more clover. To make you insanely crazy.

I thought I would test this theory. IT WORKS!!!! It works really well! TOO WELL. It kills EVERYTHING it touches. So, be careful how you direct your spray. I use straight up plain ol' white vinegar. It works really, really well when you have copious amounts of sunshine drying the vinegar on targeted weeds.

This is tested, tried and true.

Now on to the ant killer. This is in an experimental stage. I read that you can use grits. They can't digest the stuff. Too bad for them. Hmmm. Wait! Now I read that's a big fat LIE. Apparently the little buggers really like the stuff. I'm still testing it. I'll let you know.

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