Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh busy day...

Hadn't done power class in FOREVER, so decided to go this am with the neighbor.
My legs were shaking 20 minutes into class. Not good. Got home and was completely exhausted. Seriously.

Took a look at the weather and saw that rain was threatened this weekend. I don't cut the grass. I hate to cut the grass. It was looking bad. Hubby wouldn't get to until next week. So what did I do? I cut the grass. I'll have my head checked and let you know what 'they' say.

So I went to the gym AND I cut a 1/2 acre worth of grass. With push mower. NOT self-propelled. We have hills. Now I'm SUPER exhausted.

Spoke with our agent today. She called. Guess the last looker liked it a lot. Hmmm. NEVER heard that before. Anywhos, since we're going to be gone half the month next month, we're going to stay on ONE MORE MONTH. THAT IS ALL. SERIOUSLY. I AM NOT KIDDING. I have a low tolerance for stress. I'm maxed out people.

I think I need to have diotomaceous earth on hand. That stuff seems to be it for everything. I am thinking the grits are not the answer for the ants. After all this rain, they keep popping up EVERYWHERE. It's making me crazy.

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