Monday, February 1, 2010

Neglected little blog....i'm so sorry

I was really gun ho about this blog... apparently... then life got in the way or something...
Anyways, I feel really bad I haven't posted anything in some time.
My how time changes.

Training for this half ironman has proven challenging, more than you might possibly understand. I have a non-athletic gene (my father says) and I guess deep down I want to show it up. And not so deep down, I want to say," yep, you right. " But I guess that will to overcome adversity kicks in and I still get out there and do what this training schedule screams in my ear.

I never get excited about any exercise. Ever. But I do it. The first time in my life I took a training schedule serious was for the half marathon in November. I set a goal and I came close to achieving it. I have goals... no really, I do. I am just lazy and you all know it. I get lots of ideas in my head. It's the actual doing of the goals that gets in the way sometimes. :)

Anyways, I need a good nite's sleep. That didn't happen last nite. I suspect b/c I didn't have to exercise at all yesterday. Or maybe I had too many things running through my brain. I dunno, but I am tired. Really tired. Until next time, neglected little blogspot. XO

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