Sunday, April 25, 2010


I still shake my head in disgust at myself. What in the hell happened yesterday??!! That wasn't even my first rodeo and I COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT. I was calm and collected and my only concern for that race yesterday is whether or not my swim group would have stupid pink caps. (We had purple, thank goodness). Anyways... I am fairly certain that wetsuit is the culprit and I never want to wear one again.
The weather was ominous and the threat of a duathlon was real. However, the sky ceased its tears and wailing and the swim went on. I was in the the 4th wave. I got over to the side closest to the beach and slowly worked my way out when our wave went. I swam with my head out of the water until we separated a little and then proceeded to put my head in and get to it. Somewhere in there I forgot how to breath. And the wetsuit sucked out my air. And I couldn't get it back at all. I started hyper-ventilating and rolled on my back and started to head for the swimming beach area. I wanted that wetsuit OFF. So I held onto the floaty thing roping off the swimming area and wrapped my legs around the depth marker and started ripping off the wetsuit. I swam it to shore and then threw to some 'official' standing there and asked if I could still go back and they said sure. So, I felt confident that wetsuit was the only thing making this swim hard. Yeah.... no. I got all the way back out to the swim course and started hyper-ventilating again. And it was just not going away and I just said forget it. I swam back to the beach again and handed in my chip. I never got past the first buoy.

My Half is in THREE WEEKS so I really need to pull it together. Lake swims only from now on. That pool is just too easy. Way too easy.
This week's training is probably my hardest week, even though the hours are less than usual. A two hour run one day and a three hour bike another. I don't remember these lengths before. But since I accomplished nothing yesterday, I am going to give these last three weeks everything I can. (The last two are taper, so... I guess this week is my last week to see what I really can do)

I am trying really hard not to be freaked out by yesterday. Forward and onward. Get to gettin'. Let's do this.
Peace out.

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